At FGi, through engineering and 3D scanning services, we help our clients stand out in the market, allowing them to:

Convert your ideas into tangible products
Expand your company into new markets
Digitize unobtainable parts or new parts
FEA analysis

Don’t you have the CAD for a part?

No problem, through reverse engineering, we provide you with the solution

We specialize in reverse engineering through 3D scanning and product engineering. This allows our clients to have complete freedom and control over the parts they need. The portability of our 3D scanners enables us to be flexible and scan parts in our studio or at your location if necessary.

Unobtainable parts without blueprints.
Tooling spare parts.
Cost reduction in developments.
Spare parts for machinery and vehicles.

With what tolerances do we work?

± mm
3D scanning tolerances
± mm
Reverse engineering tolerances

Our services

Reverse engineering

Through the use of state-of-the-art software, we enable the digitization of any part, regardless of its dimensions and complexity.

3D scanning

Using 3D scanners, we can obtain digital versions of real-world objects, made from any type of material and within a wide range of dimensions.


We employ 3D scanning as a tool to generate metrics that facilitate the improvement of your product’s quality, allowing for production standardization.


We transform your ideas into products. Our team specializes in skills ranging from product design and engineering to electronics and programming.


How do I know if you can help me?

If you’re looking to produce parts/spare parts for which you have no blueprints or the product is discontinued, you want to create a new product and access new markets, need to generate blueprints for tooling spare parts, modify products and customize them, or design a product from scratch, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We scan up to what dimensions?

We have scanned everything from plastic cutlery to entire cars. The larger the object to be scanned, the more time will be required.

We provide quotes based on?

We provide quotes based on the volume and topological complexity of the part.

Which industries do we work with?

3D scanning and reverse engineering are applicable to virtually any industry, even in art. However, at FGi, we primarily work with tool and product factories.
Our design area is open to any industry, specializing in mechanical and aerodynamic design.

Where do we perform scans?

Given the portability of our 3D scanner, we can perform scans in our office or wherever needed. All that’s required is access to light to power it. Therefore, we can easily go to the client’s location for scanning.

Are you interested in what we do?

We are a young company committed to providing precise results. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will develop a solution for your problem at no cost.

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