FG Group has a 1600 m2 industrial plant designed not only with the utmost care for the optimum treatment of materials but also following a total quality policy that exceeds the standards on sanitary equipment manufacturing.

The Plant is divided into clearly delimited sections, where the operations of the different Group departments and companies take place:

  • Industrial facility 1 and 2 (1030m2) – Fg Ingeniería’s manufacturing unit, laboratories and premises
  • Industrial facility 2 (480m2) – Oxidial’s manufacturing unit and warehouses.
  • Office building (400m2) – Technical and administrative service departments, management department and conference and meeting room.

Over the last year, solid investment was made in infrastructure, including:

  • Enlargement of Oxidial’s manufacturing unit
  • Oxidial’s new administration and management premises
  • Conference room capable of holding up to 75 people for both FG Ingeniería and Oxidial
  • Provision of space for the numerical control mechanizing center
  • Remodeling of FG Ingeniería’s Clean Room.