Planta de Tratamiento de Agua Compacta

With its ten years’ track record and experience in the development and manufacturing of equipment for dialysis liquid and water treatment, fg Ingeniería has designed a compact plant for the physicochemical adequacy of dialysate water. This model derives from our FG-AE equipment pre-treatment and osmosis module, whose technological development is the latest available one in the international dialysis market. The resulting water quality and concept are equal to those from the AE model.

The compact plant has been developed and manufactured with two types of physicochemical pre-treatment, which correspond to the FG OSMQ and FG OSML models: chemical and layer pre-treatments respectively. Both of them will be able to derive from 1 to 5 membranes corresponding to the 1.0 to 5.0 series. Compared with the previous models, this new version introduces significant technological changes regarding operating parameter control, such as pressure, flow rates, chlorine concentration, conductivity, disinfection time, preventive maintenance and cleaning, since all these parameters have been digitized.