Ósmosis Simple y Doble Paso

With its ten years’ track record and experience in the development and manufacturing of equipment for dialysis liquid and water treatment, fg Ingeniería has designed an equipment line of single-pass and double-pass reverse osmosis with digital control of all its operating parameters, such as flow rates, pressure and conductivity. All these parameters are compiled in software specifically designed for this line, enabling the control of maximum, minimum and differential values of each parameter as well as indications of both preventive maintenance actions based on the addition of operating hours and corrective maintenance actions based on preset alarm values. Every parameter and record will be viewed in a digital display. The possibility of controlling every described parameter and action will enable us to maintain a top quality product over time and to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

The equipment units will be able to be dimensioned within the same structure from 1 membrane to 6 membranes or from 6 membranes to 12 membranes for single-pass reverse osmosis with the sole addition of the set comprising casings/membranes/interconnections, since the rest of the components have already been dimensioned for such an expansion. This will be equivalent to minimum 240 l/hr-1500 l/hr flow rates and to 1500 l/hr-3000 l/hr flow rates. In the double-pass reverse osmosis case, the following adjustments will be able to be made: 3-1, 5-2 and 6-3, single-pass and double-pass membranes respectively, equaling double-pass production flow rates from 300 l/hr to 840 l/hr. By changing the structure, the following will be able to be built